The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes Reviews

Chicago Tribune
“A jovial, clever musical whodunnit!”

  • Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
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Time Out Chicago
“A charming new musical!”

  • Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

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Chicago Sun-Times
"Rarely has a new musical (“Broadway-bound” or otherwise) arrived on a local stage with the sort of superb, highly polished gloss that marks every aspect of “The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes,” now in a verbally bristling, stunningly sung, ideally realized world premiere at Mercury Theater Chicago."

  • Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

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Chicago Critic
"The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes‘ world premiere is a major triumph as a chamber musical, a creative Holmes mystery and a charming enjoyable theatrical experience. It so refreshing to see such a stage worthy production featuring one of the strongest books in many years and such fine music and smart lyrics penned by the late Julie Shannon with additions by the talented Michael Mahler. I can’t remember a finer world premiere musical mystery."

  • Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

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Broadway World
“It would be a shame for his ever-loyal fans or musical premiere-catchers and enthusiasts to miss this production.”

  • Patrick O’Brien, Broadway World

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Windy City Times
“A welcome addition to the venerable genre whose occupants include Sweeney Todd and My Fair Lady. So what are you waiting for—can't you see the game's afoot?”

  • Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

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Chicago Theater Review
“Prolific director Warner Crocker has assumed the reins for this production and he’s once again worked his theatrical magic. Ably assisted by Michael Mahler’s musical direction, this is a show that’ll keep an audience on the edge of their seat. It’s a real-life whodunnit with elements of fantasy. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle struggles against time to solve the mystery of who actually committed the heinous crime, but he works hand-in-hand with the able assistance of his literary creation, Sherlock Holmes. The score is pleasant and music hall-inspired, somewhat reminiscent of “The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.” Scott Adam Davis’ scenic work is simple but effective. Yael Lubetzky’s illumination provides atmosphere and focus, while Robert S. Kuhn’s sepia-toned costumes create an old-fashioned daguerreotype look for the production.”

  • Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

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Chicagoland Theater Reviews
“It has box office hit written all over it, entertaining the casual playgoer as well as the Sherlock Holmes zealot.”

  • Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews

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National Arts Examiner
“The writing brims with intelligence as it poignantly touches on themes of co-existing planes (life on earth, in the imagination, and beyond) which reflect the creative process addressed in the play—and behind the production....The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes will actually have audiences humming on their way out of the theater."

  • Janet Arvia, National Arts Examiner

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Stage and Cinema
"A cunning homage and a delightful tour-de-sleuth." and ”Perfectly framed by Scott Davis’s Victorian music-hall proscenium, a capital cast find rollicking fun in this Sherlock spin-off

  • Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

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Around the Town Chicago
“This is a story that is about characters and the music, and of greatest importance is the quality of the actors that they have cast in this initial production of a play that I can see being around for many years.”

  • Al Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

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Third Coast
“Lindner brings a robustness, a very twinkle-in-the-eye naturalness to Arthur Conan Doyle that proved itself to be the highlight of the production.  Couple that with Sandys’s Rex Harrison-esque Sherlock Holmes, as well as his smooth yet assertively comedic confidence, and you have yourself a combo pack and a half of a good time.”

  • Lauren Garcia, Third Coast

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Times Square Chronicles

“A delightfully witty romp with the world’s greatest detective and the man who fashioned him.”
“A darling, daring and delightful new piece, winningly displayed in this midsized performance house.
A new Chicago-crafted musical, The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes intrigues and amuses.”

  • Stephen Best, Times Square Chronicles

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Talkin’ Broadway

“An altogether fun piece that ought to be around for a long time.”

  • John Olson, Talkin Broadway

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New City Stage

“This ingenious depiction of the conflict between author and character feels like it was always there, waiting for this gifted ensemble to bring it to life.”

  • Hugh Iglarsh, New City Stage

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Le Bon Travel & Culture

“A delicious romp playing at the Mercury Theater that all Sherlock aficionados will applaud.”/p>

  • Betty Mohr, Le Bon Travel & Culture

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Buzz On Stage

“The music throughout this performance was outstanding and will have you humming along with each song, wondering when and where you can buy the soundtrack once you leave.” “Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr’s recent portrayals of the fictional character don’t hold a candle to Sandys’ performance here.”

  • Matthew Rowe, Buzz On Stage

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Chicago Theater Beat

“As a labor of love, this is a uniformly endearing cast with a perfectly modulated energy, not too frenetic and not too precious.”

  • Clint May, Chicago Theater Beat

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Northwest Herald

"The script, music, staging and acting all combine to make an entertaining, fun, fact-based musical mystery."

  • Paul Lockwood, Northwest Herald

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