Mercury Theater Chicago presents


Book by John Reeger
Music and Lyrics by Julie Shannon and Michael Mahler
Directed by Warner Crocker
January 20 to March 20, 2016

Join Sherlock Holmes and author Arthur Conan Doyle in this world-premiere musical adventure. ​Inspired by actual events, with a little fantasy thrown in, THE MAN WHO MURDERED SHERLOCK HOLMES begins with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writing "The Final Problem," in which his famous detective is killed off. When Doyle's adoring public reads that Mr. Holmes has been done in, everyone from Churchill to Doyle's own family is up-in-arms. Besieged by telephone calls and angry mobs outside his home, Doyle flees London to escape the harassment. Surprisingly, he finds a much more challenging problem awaiting him when out of the evening mist steps Sherlock Holmes. And so begins a battle of wits between the author -- who wants his character dead -- and character -- who demands to be revived to preserve his legacy. Next thing you know, the writer and his creation are off together solving the real-life crime of “The Wyrley Ripper”.

Celebrated musical theater artists, John Reeger and Julie Shannon (Mercury Theater Chicago’s THE CHRISTMAS SCHOONER) teamed up with Michael Mahler (Marriott Theatre’s OCTOBER SKY and HERO) to bring these fabulous personalities to musical life on the Mercury Theater Chicago stage. Director Warner Crocker will lead a cast of award winning actors including Nick Sandys and Michael Lindner.