Ring of Fire


Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“In Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash, a rousing revue at Mercury Theater Chicago, the man in black is the subject of a full-fledged, quasi-biographical show packed with 30 songs, all performed by a rip-roaring, multi-talented cast of seven big personalities who can sing up a storm, play a slew of instruments, and conjure the various times and places in the life of this man who so memorably proclaimed he had been everywhere."

"All in all, a show ablaze with fire and unmitigated fun. Let that train blow the whistle."

"A nonstop explosion of music!"

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Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Lewis does not wear the cloak of the Man in Black; he inhabits him. Cory Goodrich, wraps her heart and her tonsils around June Cash.... You have a group of people here who have lived a little and played a lot, and who thus feel somehow qualified to tell the tale of Johnny Cash."

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Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

“They have taken this production, made a few changes here and there, sort of like a chef adjusting a good recipe, just a bit, to make it all the more tastier and last night the audience at The Mercury Theater ,saw just how solid this show can be.The recipe has reached perfection!”

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Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

“Johnny Cash would appreciate the superbly produced tribute to his legend and his songbook. This remount is tighter, more polished and refined and the cast seems to be having as good a time as the foot-stomping opening night audience. Cheers abound with this thoroughly pleasing show.”

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Melissa Wiley, Chicago Stage Standard

“He becomes Cash as much through his body language as with his singing, while Lewis stands tall and confident, filling the stage with that voice that, at play’s end, still stopped singing too quickly for my liking.”

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Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“With the talent, skill and artistry found in this production it’s very likely that “The Man in Black” will win a lot of new fans, courtesy of the charm radiated from this magnificent show.”

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Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews

“This is a hoot of a show, especially appropriate for Johnny Cash fans, of which I am one, and the legion of country and western fans, of which I am not.”

“The Mercury stage provides an intimacy that obliterates any separation between the ensemble and the audience”

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Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

“It’s a very generous celebration, coached to perfection and firing on all cylinders. Not one moment drags. After two hours you can hurt from smiling.”

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Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

“Malcolm Ruhl's genre-perfect musical direction, combined with Barry G. Funderburg's crystalline sound design, keep the cast's impressive musicianship front and center.”

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